EZ Win: iGaming that’s easy, fun and fair

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In a recent blog post we spoke in detail about EZ Exchange, the digital asset exchange aspect of our EZ365 blockchain ecosystem. Today we’re delving deeper into EZ Win, our fun and user-friendly iGaming platform gaming platform for casino games, and sports and e-sports betting.

Wondering why we are adding iGaming to the mix? The answer is simple!

Similar to the crypto space, the iGaming space is positioned for significant growth, yet it still faces barriers to achieving this. Some of these barriers include complexity, lack of transparency and fair odds, and a poor user experience. However, the biggest remaining obstacle is the difficulty in moving funds in and out.

Addressing these barriers, EZ Win will offer the most simple, fun and fair gaming experience in the industry.

Here’s how…

1. It’s easy to move money in and out of the EZ Win casino

Part of the magic of EZ365 is the combination of EZ Exchange, a digital asset exchange that is simple, intuitive, fully-supported and fiat-enabled (with credit card), with EZ Win, a crypto casino offering the same exceptional user experience and support, fiat and credit card integration.

This means that whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or a iGamer, EZ Win has something exciting for you!

A first in the industry, traders on EZ Exchange can enjoy a gaming site that is connected to their exchange account. Similarly, users of EZ Win will gain direct access to a robust and fully-supported digital asset exchange that enables them to seamlessly transfer their tokens to build a digital currency trading. Even those with zero experience in digital assets will be able to quickly and easily purchase tokens with fiat (via credit card), and/or cash out by exchanging their tokens back into fiat.

2. It allows users to play with a stable coin pegged to the US dollar

EZ Win enables users to play with a fully allocated stable coin, pegged to the US dollar. This helps users to better manage the volatility of the digital assets market; enjoying the casino and betting experience while staying true to their personal risk tolerance (and without having to worry about the ever changing value of digital assets).

3. It’s built on the transparency and fairness of the blockchain

Today, online gamblers are asked to trust that online casino software hasn’t been programmed to dramatically lower their odds of winning. By contrast, at EZ Win, the experience is based on fairness and transparency.

Because we’re leveraging blockchain technology for casino games, users can rest assured that they are playing on a provably fair system. For example, gameplay data from each hand can be verified and tested and all wins and losses are recorded on the blockchain. In addition, the odds of every game are provably fair and clearly stated on the site.

4. It’s a fun, top-notch gaming experience

EZ Win will launch with sports betting in Q1 2020, and over time our plans are to roll out e-sports betting and casino games. All EZ Win offerings are designed from a gamer’s perspective to ensure users can easily navigate the site; quickly find the games they are looking for; select from a variety of betting options; and enjoy incredibly cool and engaging graphics.

The best part is, EZ Win is available on both desktop and mobile devices so users can play or bet anytime, anywhere!

5. It delivers unmatched customer support

Every aspect of EZ Win is designed from a user’s perspective, so it should come as no surprise that we also aim to provide the best customer service in the online gaming industry! EZ Win will include access to live support through email, and chat; solving any user issues quickly and efficiently. We will also solicit and examine customer feedback to continually enhance the EZ Win experience.

6. It offers benefits for frequent users

EZ Win will offer perks and bonuses to loyal customers. This will include exclusive promotions and services, access to special events, and unique rewards and bonuses for high-rolling VIP Club members; and a general rewards program offering bonuses (free plays) and other prizes for user loyalty.

7. It’s available globally and in multiple languages

EZ Win will be available in regions where online gaming is legally permitted. While the platform will initially be available in English, multiple other languages will be introduced in future releases (Chinese, Russian, Korean and more!).

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We hope you’re as excited as we are about the vision behind EZ Win and its many amazing features and benefits.

We’re looking forward to launching version 1.0 later in Q1 2020 and are firmly committed to providing the best (and fairest!) online gaming experience in the industry. Given we’re leveraging the incredible power and transparency of the blockchain… we’d say the odds are certainly in our favor!