EZ Academy: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

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Over the past year, the team at EZ365 has spoken at length about the barriers to mass adoption. And while today’s overly complex technology platforms and lack of user experience typically garner the most attention, there is another barrier that tends to get a little less attention despite its importance — education!

Education and collaboration are critical to mass adoption and making informed decisions. Smart investors are unlikely to put money into something they do not understand, and those who are super savvy at investing in blue chip stocks don’t necessarily have the knowledge (or comfort level) to dip their toes into buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency. It’s a whole new world!

While there is a known need for education, there aren’t any consolidated bodies of knowledge or movements afoot to make blockchain and digital currency learning available to the masses. Instead, what we see today are many small organizations offering bits and pieces of information relevant to their own businesses. And in terms of more “formal” learning pathways? Well, let’s just say that educational institutions today may (or may not) offer courses.

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So in a nutshell, if you’re new to this space, you currently have two options. You can “fake it till you make it”, which is a risky proposition when you’re talking about investing money. Or, you can dedicate a ton of time and effort to build up the knowledge needed to make sound investment decisions…and let’s face it, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Well….almost nobody.

Our own (admittedly crazy-in-a-good-way) co-founders Russell and Eddie are good examples of investors who did make time for that; plugging away to string together the comprehensive data required to fully understand various aspects of blockchain technology and digital asset trading.

As you may know, Russell and Eddie’s own experiences have shaped every aspect of the EZ365 vision and strategy. Education is no exception! That’s why we’re introducing EZ Academy as one of the three main pillars of EZ365 (the other two being EZ Exchange and EZ Win).

About EZ Academy

EZ Academy will offer blockchain and digital asset education on demand 24/7. It will aggregate all the disparate pieces of blockchain information and learning; a feat achieved by partnering with a large foundation of diverse partners in the space to gather all the latest content into one user-friendly portal. The benefit of this approach — it will allow users of our ecosystem to learn from a wide variety of thought leaders and share their own experiences in the Community area of EZ Academy.

Our goal is to put our users in front of content that empowers them to be informed — and to take informed action. This simply does not exist today, and we’re proud that our model will fill a need in the industry and offer unique value to users.

What will I learn?

EZ Academy will provide users with a deep and wide curriculum of blockchain and digital asset trading knowledge. Educational subject matter will include:

  • Blockchain fundamentals and advanced education

  • Blockchain for developers

  • Blockchain for business leaders

  • Cryptocurrency fundamentals

  • Trading on EZ Exchange

  • Trading for advanced users

  • Applications of cryptocurrency

  • Blogs and content from industry leaders and partners

  • News feeds from a multitude of publications

While these topics will be included at launch of our portal, our goal is for EZ Academy to serve as a living thing; constantly in evolution and growing organically. A place where users can find fresh and relevant information every day — a critical success factor in a world where content is consumed at an unprecedented rate.

And rest assured, it won’t just be about EZ Academy pushing out education! While users may initially come for the education portal, we believe the Community Boards will quickly become an interesting space for many as they will offer the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences in the blockchain world.

Who can use EZ Academy?

At launch EZ Academy’s educational content will be accessible to anyone with an EZ Exchange account at no cost, with plans to launch premium content with future versions. Whether a user is new to the crypto space or a seasoned trader, content will be geared to what they need to know and want to learn.

In other words, there will be something for everyone on EZ Academy! For example:

Beginners can gain a fundamental knowledge base on the “what, why and how” of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Watching beginners come to EZ Academy to learn is what excites us most because this is the way to mass adoption!

Intermediate users can build on their current knowledge, and explore services and How-Tos.

Experts can participate in our forums, as well have exclusive access to our VIP Club and Executive Roundtables.


In closing, EZ365 is thrilled to be entering the market at this point in time, when the industry is really starting to accelerate and so many people want to explore what blockchain and cryptocurrency have to offer. In fact, the opportunities to share, learn and grow together have never been so rich! We’re excited to launch version 1.0 of this exciting education portal in early 2020.

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EZ Academy embodies our passion to share both information and the opportunities that blockchain and digital assets can bring to all of us. It’s about manifesting a vision, while being of service and helping to blow open the doors to mass adoption.