Esports: A Phenomenon Taking Over the World at Warp-Speed

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From the early days of EZ365, it was clear to me that iGaming was an area that could greatly benefit from our value proposition – a superior user experience, ease of transferring funds in and out, 24/7 support and the transparency of the blockchain. And yet, I must admit that as we dug deeper into the many aspects of the iGaming market we planned to penetrate, I was completely gobsmacked to discover the unbelievable and growing popularity of esports and esports betting.

If you’re asking “e-what?” you sound a lot like me two years ago. Let’s get you up to speed.

Esports is a relatively new phenomenon that by most accounts originated on a small scale in the 1970s and, has been growing steadily (and mightily) ever since. At the most basic level, esports is organized video gaming, observed by an audience of spectators who attend either in person or online. Similar to other sports there are players, competition, spectators, tournaments and celebrity status players who make millions; but what differentiates esports is they are not tied to a franchise, one game in particular or the cyclical nature of a league.

If you’re from my generation, you might be thinking something along the lines of “kids these days!” or perhaps more optimistically, “intriguing, but obviously a very fringe activity”…after all, who would watch video gaming besides maybe bored pre-teens?

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What if I told you that in 2017, five million more people watched the League of Legends video game world final than tuned into the NBA playoff games? Bet that got your attention!

The numbers of spectators are simply staggering; mostly online, but also in person where stadiums in Asia, that housed World Cup soccer games, are packed with tens of thousands of adoring fans. According to Statista, “by 2022, there are expected to be almost 300 million frequent viewers of esports and 347 million occasional viewers.” And according to Newzoo, “on its current trajectory, the esports industry will reach (est.) $1.4 billion by 2020 and if any of these factors accelerate, a more optimistic scenario places revenues at $2.4 billion.”

So now that you’re as awestruck as I am, perhaps you’re wondering where EZ365 comes in to play?

The answer is quite simple -- whether played on grass, ice, clay or video game console, where you find organized sports, you find betting.

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As the audience and fervor for esports grows, so does the growth of the esports betting space. According to a Naurus Advisors 2016 report, “esports is one of the fastest growing categories in online gambling… and growth estimates point to more than $16 billion in annual wagers in coming years.”

EZ365 plans to play a starring role in driving that growth by leveraging our EZ Win iGaming platform; the blockchain’s most easy, safe and secure one-stop-shop for sports and esports enthusiast to place their bets.

EZ Win is entirely above board, highly secure, easy to use and puts the user experience front and centre. Users can easily and quickly fund their account with fiat (via credit card) and purchase tokens to be used for betting or playing casino games on EZ Win. They can either cash out by exchanging their tokens back into fiat or, alternatively, play other games on EZ Win or build up a cryptocurrency portfolio. EZ Win also allows users play with a stable coin pegged to the US dollar to reduce their risk in a volatile cryptocurrency market; is highly secure to protect customer information and funds; and offers 24/7 customer support by chat, email and phone.

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And lastly, paramount to EZ Win is our commitment to providing simply the best user experience out there. Our platform is designed by top experts in iGaming; all committed to building the blockchain’s most simple, fun, intuitive and engaging online environment.

We’re thrilled to bring these unique benefits to the weird and wonderful world of esports betting. While it may be the “newest” and fastest-growing craze in the iGaming world, EZ365 is confident that there is still a strong need for good old fashioned user experience, customer service and security.

I guess it’s a good thing for us “old guys” that some things never go out of style!