Make Your Next Exchange ‘EZ’!


They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but we believe it is more often borne of frustration.

That was certainly the case with EZ Exchange; our digital asset trading environment and the backbone of the EZ365 ecosystem.

In the absence of PhDs in rocket science or any available guidance or support from the exchanges, our co-founders Eddie Kotler and Russell Korus, faced challenges buying and selling crypto using the overly complex trading platforms available during the earlier days of cryptocurrency trading. They weren’t even sure how to tell if an exchange was legit or if the information or money we were handing over was going to be safe and secure.

That’s why we built EZ Exchange — a digital asset exchange that makes crypto more accessible for everyone. That makes buying, selling and trading crypto as easy and secure as online banking.

Today, we’d like to walk you through the vision that EZ Exchange will bring to life over time.

9 Things You Need to Know About EZ Exchange

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1. It’s easy to get started: Unlike other exchanges, we offer guidance and support to all new users so they can easily set up an account and immediately trade digital assets. No hassle. Zero frustration!

2. It’s tailored: We know everyone has a different level of expertise when it comes to trading digital assets. That’s why we offer a choice of two user-friendly trading interfaces and the option of switching between them.

The EZ Exchange Easy interface enables users to buy tokens without the complexity of other exchanges.

The EZ Exchange Advanced interface provides more experienced traders with the data they need to make informed decisions, as well as access to advanced trading features.

3. It enables easy fiat account funding and withdrawal: EZ Exchange makes it simple for users to move their fiat in and out of the exchange. Our unique options enable users to:

Fund trading accounts and withdraw fiat through their credit card

Move fiat in and out of the exchange through wire transfers

4. It offers unprecedented customer support: EZ Exchange puts users first! From step-by-step tutorials that walk users through the entire trading process to 24/7 customer support, our team is trained to deliver personalized support that solves users’ issues quickly and efficiently. No matter what the concern, training and support on the user’s terms is always close at hand.

5. It’s safe and secure: Built and secured by the brains behind some of the world’s leading stock exchanges, EZ Exchange brings the rigorous security of traditional financial institutions to our platform — minimizing security concerns while simultaneously enforcing regulatory compliance.

You may be interested to know that we have modeled our security compliance on that of the big Canadian banks; known to have the highest regulatory compliance standards in the world. And just like those banks, our users’ private information will be stored in an offline secured server, reducing the risks of hacking and third party access to your information.

6. It brings a subscription-based model to digital assets trading: We’re offering traders a choice between a pay-per-use transaction model and a monthly trading subscription. Knowing high fees, including transaction, pairing, deposit, and banking fees, are a concern for digital assets users today, we’re offering more simplicity and flexibility through two different payment models:

Pay-per-trade: Users who don’t do a lot of trading can choose to pay for their trades per transaction.

Subscription-based trading: More frequent traders can pay a monthly subscription fee that includes unlimited trading with no transaction fees.

7. It’s available in most major global markets: Great news! EZ Exchange’s platform will be available globally in most major markets (as permitted by local jurisdiction). At the time of launch, our strategic focus will be on the regions with a significant number of digital assets traders and local laws allowing digital currency trading. These include: Russia, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Scandinavia, North America, South-East Asia, Middle East, Australia/New Zealand and Africa*.

*Features may differ between geographies

8. It includes extensive coin listings: EZ Exchange will offer extensive listing of coins available for trade. At launch, EZ Exchange will offer BTC, ETH and XLM. For version 2.0 of the platform, which launches eight weeks after version 1.0, users will be able to also trade LTC, XRP, BCH, ETC and other coins. We will continue to grow our roster of coins after launch to ensure user access to the greatest variety of trusted and valued coins.

9. It’s fully integrated with EZ Win: The beauty of our EZ365 ecosystem is the combination of EZ Exchange with EZ Win, a cryptocurrency iGaming platform with the same exceptional user experience and support, fiat and credit card integration. In other words, our users can leverage their digital assets for betting, or transfer their winnings back into digital assets!

And there you have it — 9 great reasons to make your next (or first) trade with EZ Exchange!