Airdrop Program

EZ365’s Airdrop program is offering you a chance to earn EZ365 tokens for completing a few simple tasks. Participants can earn up to 175 EZ365 tokens (~$17.50 US*) plus 35 EZ365 (~$3.50*) per Telegram referral.

*EZ365 tokens are priced between $0.08 and $0.12 US during EZ365’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Only market forces will determine future value of the tokens.


  • Participants must be 18 years or older. 

  • The Airdrop is not available to citizens in the following countries: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and South Yemen.

  • No purchase is necessary to participate in the Airdrop.

  • Participants are awarded entries into the sweepstakes for completing simple tasks outlined.

  • Participants maintain an active social media account and remain as followers on EZ365’s social media channels (i.e. Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit) until the end EZ365’s IEO to qualify.

  • EZ365 reserves the right to make changes to the Airdrop at any time. 

Program Details

  • Participants must use the same email address that they entered in the Airdrop to create an account on EZ Exchange. Airdrop rewards will be deposited into an EZ Exchange account under the email address provided.

  • KYC will not be required to sign up for EZ Exchange or to participate in the Airdrop.  Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency transactions on EZ Exchange do not require KYC (limitations may apply to specific countries). Participants who wish to trade their Airdrop rewards and withdraw fiat will be required to complete KYC.

  • Individuals may only participate in the Airdrop program with one account. Those who create multiple accounts or use bots will be disqualified from participation in the program and wil not be eligible for Airdrop rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will Airdrop rewards be distributed to participants?

A: Airdrop rewards will be distributed to participants within four weeks of the completion of EZ365’s IEO.  This is estimated to be at the end of November 2019.

Q: Where will the tokens be distributed?

A: The tokens will be distributed into the participant’s account on EZ Exchange. An account will be created for each Airdrop participant using the email address provided in the program. Users will need to sign up with the same email address they provided in the Airdrop program in order to access their tokens.